9 New Alan Wake PC Screenshots

We’ve just released 9 new Alan Wake PC screenshots! You can seem them, in all their hi-res glory, below!

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8 thoughts on “9 New Alan Wake PC Screenshots

  1. InvisGhost

    Looks Great! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully it’ll have full 7.1 surround sound support!

  2. James

    Wow nice! 😀 cant wait for this game

  3. Luis

    español latino????
    spanish from latinAmerican???

    With René García

  4. baboodaboo

    Looks nice, but what’s with the bad quality ground texture in screenshot two? Maybe a little work should be done there, modern PC’s can surely handle better textures than that?

  5. great news that the game will be published for PC, thanks a lot guys!

  6. Still waiting for this game..,
    I hope this game is better than SH: Homecoming….:D

  7. Great script! Please can you tell me how to set a new pooiitsn default map, and zoom in, instead the all world? I need to put it more close to my region, as i have many maps, i do not want to goes to the same region every time.

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