Alan Wake invades Eurogamer!

The german arm of Eurogamer have posted up a bunch of articles related to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare hitting PC last week.

First up we have’s review of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, where they scored the game a very respectable 8 out of 10! also sat down with our Director of Franchise Development, Oskari Häkkinen, to talk about the game and also they brought up the very cool idea of having the Old Gods of Asgard play a live concert! In the interview, Oskari mentioned that if can organise a booked out stage it can definitely become a possibility. So if you’d love to see something like this happen, make some noise about it and we’ll start the planning if there’s enough support!

Speaking of the Old Gods of Asgard, we have a 320 kbit download of the Old Gods of Asgard song featured in American Nightmare, “Balance Slays The Demon”.

Lastly, are also giving you the chance to win a copy of Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Steam. Simply head here to enter. Deadline for the comp closes on May 30th.

Lots of goodies there, so big thanks to the team at for putting all this together.

All external links have been translated using Google Translate.

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8 thoughts on “Alan Wake invades Eurogamer!

  1. Sean Brad Ellsworth

    An Old Gods of Asgard concert would be awesome! You should do it! Also, need more information on the sequel to Alan Wake.

  2. j0m3r

    The American’s nightmare is good but enough with the invisible wall in the game, come on this is 2012’s game. The original Alan wake dose not have this issue and it’s more much scarier atmosphere. In the American’s nightmare I can see the enemy coming my way.

  3. Igor

    alan wake best game 🙂
    wait alan wake 2 !

  4. i love this game, i am waiting for Alan Wake 2, to Lets play it for my Subscribers <3

    • cris

      unos de los mejores de esta consola sin dudas

  5. igor

    What are some news about Alan wake 2?

  6. Gilbert

    I’m an old gamer that has gotten tired of the shoot them up genre. So, when I came across Alan Wake, I thought finally something different. I wish that they put out another one! Thoroughly enjoyed both Alan Wake games. Please put out another one.

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