Alan Wake PC is coming home in style!

IMG 1972 536x400 Alan Wake PC is coming home in style!

IMG 1965 536x400 Alan Wake PC is coming home in style!

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20 thoughts on “Alan Wake PC is coming home in style!

  1. CobaltRobot

    Multi-monitor!? HELL YES.

  2. Lucas Appendino

    I can´t wait to see Alan on my pc. I hope the graphics runnin g it… !!! I finish the game on Xbox 360. I never felt scare than that time behind the screen. Thanks remedy. Revolution comes with max payne at the beginning. Now Alan. Thanks

  3. I was curious as to why the sequel of Alan Wake isn’t going to have a disk based version of the game? Was this a conscious choice to make a move to the downloadable space?

    • Markus

      Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is NOT a sequel to Alan Wake. It is a stand-alone game that can be played without someone playing Alan Wake.

  4. Vimal

    Fucking Awesome HAIL REMEDY You Guys are awesome bringing the game to pc .

  5. MichiGen

    I got only one monitor but still it looks awesome :) Glad to see that you really care about PC customers Remedy. I love Max Payne 1 & 2 and I will support Alan Wake with buy at day one.

  6. Shaun

    Looking good Remedy

    Cant wait


  7. Conan o barberis

    I’ll buy it definitely !!! \m/ I have only pc that’s why I was looking for it

  8. Wow 3D Surround support out of the box, awesome news, thanks a lot !!!

  9. David Slinkard

    MultiMon support FTW!!! Thank you!

  10. patrick Oreilly

    Release it pleasee!!!!

    Ive been waiting like 3 years

  11. Aleeeexxx

    Охренеть, это круто пацаны

  12. Whoa! I see 3D glasses. Are you telling me that the PC version will support Nvidia 3D Vision?

    // Roth

  13. yuri

    hello. i want to play this game too much. there will be some sound improvement????? i have a new 5.1 receiver working fine…

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