Alan Wake: Remedy’s American Dream.

Our very own CTO, Markus Maki, and Art Director, Saku Lehtinen, recently sat down with Edge Magazine and Duncan Harris of Dead End Thrills fame to delve deep down into the making of Alan Wake.

“Alan Wake himself started off having the most in common with Johnny Depp’s character in Secret Window, a writer in a cabin going crazy,” says Lehtinen. “In this version, his stance was much more of a victim just generally trying to survive. Over time, with Wake witnessing Alice’s disappearance, it was natural to make him more guilt-driven.”

Definitely well worth a read, so head right here!

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7 thoughts on “Alan Wake: Remedy’s American Dream.

  1. Lance Pua

    Can you make Alan Wake for the Android and Ios, I am a really big fan of the Alan Wake game. I just want like the first Alan Wake with the suspenseful escapes, vehicles like cars, crows burning because of flashlight, flare gun and etc. Please make a one for Android and Ios.

  2. AlexHigami

    Very,very cool game. Beautiful music and excellent graphics. With delight playing these games. I hope there will be part 3.

  3. Jeus1994

    Alan Wake is the best game I’ve played, the music, the graphics, the story, is THE BEST HISTORY of all games, original, has it all, I hope a sequel comes out!!

  4. leiproduccions

    is the best game of suspense and terror of all when comes the next installment

  5. milad ehsaei

    it is really graet and nice game and i can compare it with resident evil by capcom!!!!


    i love all about this ,american nightmare also .. please make more alan wake .. i beg you. i will die if you will not make

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