Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Media Roundup 06/02/2012

The media train continues with some fantastic coverage of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in the leadup to it’s release on February 22nd on Xbox Live Arcade! See below for the latest previews and interviews in our media roundup for February 6th 2012.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Dev Diary 1IGN

Alan Wake Creates Terror in Wide Open Spaces – IGN

“Fighting a single Taken in Alan Wake was exciting. So finding yourself surrounded on all sides by the evil creatures in the middle of the desert marks a new kind of scary. Can you survive the encounter? The landscape, enemy count, and hulking-size of American Nightmare’s enemies make claustrophobia a fear of the past.”

HANDS ON with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare!NewChallenger

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Preview – GameZone

” Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, more than anything, is an opportunity that the developers have taken to have a little fun with their darkness-plagued hero, and if my time with the game was any indication, that fun will transfer over to the players quite nicely.”

Skyrim’s Creation Kit, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Dragon’s Dogma, and Steam on your phone!Destructoid Show

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Preview – GameRevolution

“Even not having played the original Alan Wake, I can affirm that American Nightmare is a compelling experience that anyone can jump into and enjoy from the get-go without needing prior knowledge of the series. At the same time, while it’s a side story, it appeared to contain enough ties to the original game (a radio lets you catch up on what other characters from the first game are doing while Wake is stuck in Dark Springs) to keep fans hooked. The story is compelling but optional enough to let the player choose their own level of involvement with it. I only played the first thirty minutes-or-so of the game, but it definitely sunk its hooks into me. It will be hard to let go once it arrives February 22, 2012 for 1200 Microsoft Points.”

CES 2012: GamesInside Xbox

American Horror Story – GameDynamo

“The increased focus on action does not mean that the story will be forgotten. Fortunately, it is as head-scratching as ever. In this world, fiction becomes reality, and writer Wake has the unique ability in reshaping reality through his texts. Your adversary is a constantly taunting maniac version of Wake himself, portrayed through live-action video that streams in the game’s television sets. Luckily, the wait for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and the opportunity to wrap your hands around frenetic gameplay and your head around its unhinged story, isn’t too far off.”

Ask GameSpot: Alan Wake’s American NightmareGameSpot

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