Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Media Roundup 23/01/2012

The media coverage of our upcoming XBLA title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, keep on coming! See below for the latest previews and interviews in our media roundup for January 23rd 2012.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare CES 2012 Hands-On Preview — Wakey Wakey – G4TV

“I’ve never been a fan of cookie cutter sequels; the games that try to maintain as much of their fanbase as possible by changing as little as possible. Luckily, the masterminds at Remedy Entertainment aren’t big fans of the status quo either. Their upcoming title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare not only represents a drastic shift in the tone of the game, but will also now be a downloadable title available on the XBLA.”

The Top Xbox 360 Games of 2012 –

“Remedy has changed the linear structure of the 2010 game into a more open hub area for players to snoop around, shoot weird enemies in, and puzzle over metafiction/game puzzles. It’s cool when talented developers such as Double Fine and Remedy shift from lengthy development cycles to smaller games, so that we get more than one game every six years.”

Alan Wake: American Nightmare Gameplay and Interview at CESShifted2u

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Preview – Planet Xbox360

“If you enjoyed Alan Wake in any way at all (just like we did), then American Nightmare is easily required playing when it comes out for Xbox Live Arcade’s House Party next month.”

CES 2012 Hands On: Alan Wake: American Nightmare – AggroGamer

“At which point I found out that the single player campaign is another 5-6 hours of story based on Alan’s first show he wrote for. More or less an episode from the show that takes place in Arizona with new creatures and environments.”

CES 2012: Hands-on with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Xbox 360 [Video]LA Times

How Does Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Tie In To The Original Game? – Game Informer

“Even after the credits are rolling, we still may not know where the game takes place in the Alan Wake timeline, or if it even happened at all. Maybe it will all be a dream like Super Mario Bros. 2, and the game will end with Alan snoring in bed, wearing a stocking cap emblazoned with the letter M with the sheets pulled up to his chin. Also, he will have a mustache.”

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