Alan Wake is now available on Steam!

The wait is over! Alan Wake has now returned home!

Alan Wake is now available on Steam and can be purchased for $29.99 for the Standard Edition (Game + DLCs, “The Signal” and “The Writer”!) or $34.99 for the Collectors Edition (Game + DLCs + Alan Wake Files, Developer Commentary AND the Alan Wake Soundtrack!).

If you purchase the game before Thursday February 23rd 10AM PST you get to receive the Collector’s Edition contents FREE!

So head over to the Steam Store to purchase the game!

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8 thoughts on “Alan Wake is now available on Steam!

  1. Erik Schmidt

    I have been waiting for this for months since I heard rumors. When the game started my jaw dropped….. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!
    The survival horror scene has been kinda of flat for PC ,in my opinion, with the same old cliche run and gun stuff. This is fresh and different and my XBOX buddies are green with envy over the graphics.
    Thank you!

  2. Andreas Walther

    It is great to finally be able to play a game that is somewhat different from the usual. It, however, does trouble me that the requirements of the game renders its performance on my 2011 Quad-Core iMac (with Bootcamp) only barely playable. It seems cynical that it runs the lesser but more recent game Modern Warfare 3 on the highest settings quite well. The game as such remains great, my introduction to it, however, has been marred by performance and presentation.

  3. LedusAsmens

    Thanks guys for this great game! I am enjoying it already. 🙂 And rember all, this is finally not a console ported game!!! cheers.
    p.s. sorry for my english. 🙁
    p.s.s performance is great on GTX 560TI. Runs max with stable framerate.

  4. The game as such remains great, my introduction to it, however, has been marred by performance and presentation. my system is the further requirements of the different games and ever people

  5. urban

    Hello all,i have a problem was checkpoints in missions “redemption”,and many more problems with the game

  6. Phil Goetz

    Please don’t listen to the gripers who didn’t read the system requirements then were upset that it played “poorly” on their systems. I would always rather have a game with “poor presentation”, than one that was artificially forbidden from running on my system in order to keep people from complaining. I don’t give a damn about graphics; I just want a game with an interesting story.

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