Meet the Remedy Twitter family!

We’re all big fans of Twitter here at Remedy and there’s a core group of us that are quickly becoming more and more addicted to the site! So with the recent arrival of one, Mr. Sam Lake, to the site, we thought we’d take a moment out and introduce you to Remedy’s Twitter family!

Sam Lake (@SamLakeRMD)
Creative Director, Lead Writer at Remedy Entertainment

“Who is Sam?” you may find yourself asking. Well, some may know him as the Lead Writer behind Max Payne 1, Max Payne 2 and of course, Alan Wake. Others may know him as the face of the original Max Payne. But, everyone should follow Sam on Twitter for little anecdotes and insights into our games!

Matias Myllyrinne (@MausRMD)

Managing Director at Remedy Entertainment

Matias is the big El capo’ here at Remedy and honestly one of the most hilariously funny guys to work for. He’s responsible for the daily coming and goings at Remedy and well, basically keeping both the company running and us in a job! Follow Matias on Twitter for a look in the mind of what it’s like to be a CEO at a Gaming Company (Hint: Lots of Sushi).

Mikko Rautalahti (@MikkiRMD)

Senior Writer at Remedy Entertainment

Mikki is our very own amazing Senior Writer on our games and the soul of our community forums. He only recently joined Twitter after repeatedly telling our Community Manager, Pete, that he wasn’t going to be posting at all on there. Over a month later and he’s eating his words – which is quite tough for a writer! Follow Mikki on Twitter for insight into life at Remedy, and to find generally cool things like this recent novel he wrote for NaNoWriMo!

Peter Papadopoulos (@sidetwo)

Community Manager at Remedy Entertainment

Pete is our loveable Community Manager who runs all of Remedy’s brands on the world wide web. He is insanely smart and has won several “Best person in the UNIVERSE!” competitions. Most of all, he’s extremely modest. Follow Pete on Twitter for general gaming talk and the slips of critical game information he “accidentally” leaks there.

Oskari Häkkinen (@OzzRMD)
Director of Franchise Development at Remedy Entertainment

Ozz wanted us to write that he’s the franchise guy at Remedy and the man you can all pester with your book, movie, games and merchandise ideas – as well as ideas for dev videos, trailers and whatnot. HOWEVER! Everyone on the community knows him as the one and only, HOTSKARI! We think that’s a perfectly adequate way to describe him! Follow Hotskari on Twitter for lots of foursquare checkins and to bug him to be active more – he’s willing but we think he just needs a bit of encouragement! Calling him Hotskari may or may not work to make him more active! 😉

Aki Järvilehto (@akijarvilehto)
EVP at Remedy Entertainment

AJ is our awesome management guy who looks after Remedy’s digital titles. When he’s not working out deals to further our foray into the digital space you can find AJ on Twitter posting about all our titles and get an insight into what some say is the future of gaming!


Of course you can also always follow our official Remedy Entertainment Twitter feed (@remedygames) for all the latest news and information on our titles! We look forward to chatting with you!

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  1. Great to see the Remedy team on Twitter! Can’t wait to play American Nightmare in two weeks.

  2. Hey Ozz, At least I didn’t call ya Hotskari at CES. LOL! Too early in the morning for that! 😉

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