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Alan Wake 2: Update 12 notes

Latest update notes for Alan Wake 2.

November 17, 2023

These are the latest update notes for Alan Wake 2

17th November

PlayStation 5 (1.00.12)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.12) 


  • Made the player able to push certain movable objects that might block the progress when revisiting combat areas (just walk into them…). 
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save game during an enemy grapple would leave the player without movement controls. 
  • Fixed an issue related to the Nursery Rhyme doll “Father” disappearing if placed in the wrong location and the player saved their game. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player could not watch the Drowned video and thus was prevented from getting an Achievement / Trophy.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-aim was not…auto-aiming correctly when Flashlight boosting a submerged Taken Diver enemy. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga couldn’t shoot or damage an enemy hiding in the bushes after throwing a flare at the enemy. 
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting a charged shot by quickly selecting another weapon and then re-selecting the crossbow would launch the bolt without player input. 
  • Fixed an issue where an Echo wouldn’t reset after the player leaves the area. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Veil effect would be missing from Cynthia’s boss fight after reloading a checkpoint. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Wake insight at the Caldera Street station didn’t trigger. 
  • Fixed an issue where entering the Writer’s Room during an elevator ride played a real number on preserving the correct game state. 
  • Fixed premature notifications of Koskela brother’s commercials being available in the Mind Place (Good things come to those who wait.) 
  • Fixed Alan climbing next to the ladder when interacting with the ladder while opening a door. 
  • Fixed conversation interactions outside the Nursing Home not being consistently visible. 
  • After the Summoning boss fight, only Saga can pick up crossbow bolts (sorry, Alan) 
  • Improved the zoom function in Dioramas (such as Cultist stashes and Nursery Rhymes) and the Map.
  • Optimized memory use to keep more cold, dead enemy bodies lying on the ground for added realism and spookiness. 
  • It is now possible to skip the Alice documentary. 
  • Corrected spelling errors.
  • (PC) Made the GPU crash dialog more user-friendly with understandable error messages for non-Remedy engineers and QA. 
  • (PC) Fixed switching from full screen to window occasionally resulting in wrong rendering resolution.


  • (PC) Fixed performance and visual issues with Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation enabled when changing from real-time video to 3D rendering. 
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Optimized performance when aggressively walking stairs up and down in the Nursing Home.
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Optimized streaming performance globally but predominantly around the hallways outside of room 666 in the Oceanview Hotel.

Animations and visuals 

  • Numerous lighting and visual fixes and related improvements.
  • Fixed Alan’s flashlight holstering animations when the writer is in a wounded state. 
  • Fixed Alan’s flashlight holstering animation triggering even without having a flashlight. 
  • Fixed weapon-switching animations to work correctly when Alan is healing.  
  • Fixed an issue where forward running dodge animation was playing for too long. 
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting the manuscript pick-up animation by combat can lead Saga to stay in a broken animation state. 



  • Added missing localized VO audio for French and Japanese languages. 
  • Fixed an issue where in-world videos (including Koskela ads, Wake insight’s, Alice videos, Darling videos, and Yoton Yo video) audio was sometimes out of sync. 
  • General audio fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where players could not select the inventory items on the far-right side of their inventory. 
  • Prevent the Shoebox from eating away players’ items when they were stacked erroneously. 
  • Hacked OCD UI indicators in the Mind Place not clearing their “new” status. 
  • Added “Restore to Default” option to the Control Key Customization Tab.
  • Improved the brightness calibration UI.
  • General UI fixes and improvements.

Case Board 

  • Fixed an issue where Saga could only access the Case Board after Profiling but not via other Mind Place interactions.
  • Improved automatically placing clues for already solved questions to the Case Board. 
  • Fixed a wayward Bright Falls station photo being in the distinctly wrong location on the Case Board.

Mission Specific 


  • Hid interactions while dialogue plays around the Nightingale murder site. 
  • Fixed a case where Saga is unable to pick up the pistol in the morgue corridor after waiting for a far longer time than we expected. 
  • Fixed Nightingale’s profiling with “The heart! Where is it?” not skipping the entire sequence.
  • Reduced chances of Nightingale ruining your day. Made the resourcing more generous for the Nightingale boss fight.


  • Fixed an issue where clearing the Mulligan and Thornton encounter didn’t trigger the end cinematic, thus blocking progress.


  • Fixed an issue where Saga could not communicate the plan to agent Estevez. If you are not in the Bright Falls area, you must come back to trigger progress with the plan. 
  • Fixed a case where players could miss a phone call from Tor, preventing getting a missing piece of evidence and thus blocking progress in the mission. 
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation with Estevez would drone on after leaving the Sheriff’s Station.


  • Made Alex Casey’s loot drops spicier by having him biased toward two-handed weapon ammo for Saga (“partners to the end”). 
  • Fixed a rare issue where a light array would disappear during the Scratch fight upon the player releasing the interaction button.
  • Added more ammo for the mission’s Alan Wake section, making the trek to the parking lot somewhat more bearable.


  • Fixed an issue with the Plot Board.

Previous updates

13th November

PlayStation 5 (1.00.11)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.11) 


  • Small localization fixes.

9th November

PlayStation 5 (1.00.10)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.10) 

Update 10 includes 100+ fixes. The critical issues blocking progress in the Scratch (A New Plan) mission and misbehaving in the Espresso Express in Local Girl (Coffee World) have been resolved.


  • General bugfixes and additional polish
  • Fixed multiple localization issues
  • Fixed banding present in certain cinematics
  • Rebalanced the Taken Diver enemy to be more dangerous
  • Added a few missing German and Spanish VO lines
  • Increased ammo and health item drop rates from containers in the Cynthia boss fight
  • Rebalanced Nightingale boss fight in Normal mode making player weapons more powerful
  • HDR toggle in brightness calibration UI should now work as expected
  • Tutorial texts should only appear in the right places
  • Fixed the weather. It should not be raining indoors anymore
  • Low health state visual effect intensity toned down
  • Fixed an issue with the camera going wild in Saga’s weapon upgrade screen
  • Fixed instances of Alex Casey t-posing menacingly
  • All Pat Maine radio shows are now listenable
  • Player progress should no longer be blocked by unruly furniture and props being in the wrong place


Xbox Series

  • Fixed an issue with audio missing or cutting out

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed an issue where using Share Play would, in rare instances, crash the game
  • Fixed several wrong audio states towards the end of the game



  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to Casey after the autopsy and thus being blocked from progressing in the mission
  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, Nightingale could get stuck in the scenery


  • Opening the subway door during the escape from the Dark Presence has been made significantly easier by requiring far less button mashing, especially on keyboards


  • Made Coffee World more fun. Fixed an issue where cups from Slow Roaster were not showing and where carriages from Espresso Express blocked player progress
  • The clue about the Kalevala workshop now unlocks at the correct time
  • A Manuscript page did not want to be found and has been taught a lesson


  • The cursor should appear correctly on the Plot board during the mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the key fob from Rose did not spawn correctly for players
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to trigger the call from Tor and place evidence on the Case Board + several related issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could not enter the Overlap upon dying as the record player refused to play the hits and allow re-entry to the Overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to Profile Cynthia disappeared after reloading a save game

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Break Room
  • The Echo will now respawn in the instance that the player doesn’t watch the video to the very end


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to FBC agent Estevez and come up with a New Plan to progress the mission
  • Saga should not end up in Dark Place after the point of no return
  • Fixed an issue where players could get their progress blocked if changing to another case


  • Tim Breaker’s map now properly reveals the Word of Power location behind the cinema


Previous updates

6th November

PlayStation 5 (1.00.09)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.9) 

(Xbox Series)

  • A workaround fix for the issue where the audio cut out intermittently in the Prologue. We are expecting a full fix for this issue in an upcoming update.

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue (again) with the Echo scene not aligning and unlocking correctly (this was fixed in the previous update, but Echo hell still persisted)  


  • Fixed an issue with a mouse (with a big presence) blocking progress.

1st November

PlayStation 5 (1.000.008)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.8) 

The 08 update contains over 200+ individual improvements and fixes to the game.  


  • Various localization fixes, such as improved subtitle timings for all languages
  • Improved localized audio for live-action cinematics
  • Various audio-related improvements and additional polish
  • Improved lip sync in some instances
  • Fixed various graphical issues in the environments
  • Fixed various minor issues in cinematics
  • Minor improvements to image aliasing in Performance mode and Xbox Series S
  • Improved lighting
  • Fixed lighting bugs in multiple locations
  • Various UI-related fixes and additional polish
  • Various gameplay fixes and improvements
  • Minor gameplay finetuning
  • Improved auto-aim for specific circumstances
  • Fixed rare player character animation issues
  • Fixed various issues in the Case Board
  • Fixed various map issues
  • Several conversations failing to trigger and thus blocking progress later have been fixed
  • Fixed Rose’s dialogue choices, sometimes not being selectable, blocking progress
  • Fixed a rare issue with Saga’s lines not playing when going to the Sheriff’s Station, blocking progress
  • Resolved a potential problem in the player getting stuck in a Case Board Tutorial
  • Fixed exploration rewards for Lighthouse 



  • Fixed a bug where Saga could get stuck in the environment (“Crazy forest”)


  • Fixed potential issue with players able to get stuck when falling from ladders
  • Fixed potential issues with Dark Presence (it remains a threat)
  • Fixed a rare crash


  • Fixed a bug where Alan could fall through the environment


  • Fixed a bug where Saga could fall through the world
  • Fixed a bug in where a gate could get locked after reloading a save game, causing the player to get blocked from progressing
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare circumstances, the player could end up outside of the game world when opening the map
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the Lighthouse key could not be picked up


  • Fixed a bug where Alan could get stuck in the environment

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo not to align correctly (this one was really annoying; we apologize)


  • Fixed an issue where if the player performed specific tasks in an unpredictable order, the mission progress could get blocked


  • Fixed an issue (much to Rose’s chagrin) with physics-related props that could block the player in and halt progress


  • Fixed an issue where the player, in rare instances, could not exit the radio, TV, or manuscript interact modules. 


  • Fixed a bug that could cause graphics settings to reset when launching the game
  • Improvements to PC Window handling logic
  • Fixed mouse cursor sometimes not appearing in menus 

31st October

With this latest Xbox update there is now parity across PC, PS5 and Xbox versions.

Xbox Series (

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes

30th October

PC (1.0.6)

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes
  • Significantly friendlier error message when third-party software stops the game from starting.  

PlayStation 5 (1.00.05)

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes

Xbox Series (

  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed multiple visual issues
  • Fixed multiple UI-related issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in interacts and not exit