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Alan Wake 2 update 1.1.1 notes

Latest update notes for Alan Wake 2.

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June 25, 2024

These are the latest update notes for Alan Wake 2

25th June 2024

PlayStation 5 (1.100.001)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.1.1)  


  • Changed Splash screen: now it’s cooler. (Probably not worth reporting, but FYI)
  • Tuned down resource drops to more reasonable levels in Night Springs Episodes 2 & 3. (It was not supposed to be That over the top)


  • Fixed warning about corrupting saves that could happen while loading or travelling between areas. The warning was misleading and came from a different bug while initializing an area. Your saves are not corrupted.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Night Springs: Number One Fan, where an enemy could push the player out of bounds.
  • Fixed some rare situations that would block the player from progressing by the end of Night Springs: Number One Fan.
  • Fixed some localized text.
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements.
  • [PS5] Fixed Activities not working properly in some territories.
  • [EGS] Fixed Achievements sometimes not unlocking when achieved offline.


Previous updates


8th June 2024

PlayStation 5 (1.100.00)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.1.0)  


  • Night Springs Expansion (read more here)
  • Added Photo Mode (more info here)
  • Increased manual save slots from 3 to 6
  • [PC] Added Razer Chroma support 


  • Improved Xbox Series S game stability
  • Improvements to Xbox Series audio synchronization issues
  • Improved lighting in several areas of the game
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements for a better experience 


  • Chapter Select: Added a missing chapter combination for the end game (Return 7 – Initiation 9)
  • Fixed a rare instance of player character becoming unresponsive when falling on the ground after a sequence of attacks (Removed realism, check.)
  • Fixed an issue that would bring up Saga’s Mind Place UI prompts when loading into a session with Alan. (This was not an intentional meta play.
  • [PC] Fixed multiple instances of camera clipping issues on ultrawide monitors 


6th March 2024

PC (

  • Optimized rendering for GPU’s that don’t support mesh shaders. As a result, lowered minimum GPU requirements to GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon RX 5600 XT


8th February 2024

PlayStation 5 (1.000.16)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.16)

  • Xbox – Fixed random crashes on game exit or when the game is suspended.
  • Fixed cases where players couldn’t exit interactable notes and containers (e.g. Nursery Rhymes or the Shotgun Puzzle in the Covenience Store).
  • Fixed the missing Lighthouse keys after opening the last Cult Stash in Cauldron Lake.
  • Fixed Saga’s magical crossbow so that it stays in the Shoebox if put in there and does not appear on her back anymore unless carried for real.


31st January 2024

PlayStation 5 (1.000.15)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.15) 

The first update of the year for Alan Wake 2 is out now. The update contains the Chapter Select function, allowing you to load up any mission you want. So, you can replay the We Sing mission over and over to potentially annoy your neighbors!

This will also make a life bit easier (and we know we’ve made it a bit complicated with some collectibles having to be picked up in a single run) for Trophy and Achievement hunters to get those missing items or collectibles.

The update also includes the much-requested option to tune down the horror flashes.

Thank you for your patience and the continued support of our game!


New Feature: Chapter Select

  • You can now choose to play any mission in the game that you have previously unlocked.
  • Using this feature loads a pre-made save game regardless of your own progression.
  • This means that item progression and inventory will be pre-determined depending on the mission.
  • You will keep your previous manual saves.

NOTE: Remember to keep at least one manual save with your previous progression if you wish to retain it.

Chapter Select menu in Alan Wake 2


New features

  • Added Chapter Select menu.
  • Added option to choose between Low and Normal horror flash visual and audio intensity.


Gameplay and missions

  • Fixed an issue in The Final Draft (New Game Plus) where if the player already had Saga’s crossbow in their inventory, they could not complete/open all required Cult Stashes and thus couldn’t get the Lighthouse Key from the final Cult Stash.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck if they opened the notification about having finished watching the final Koskela brothers’ advert:
    • During RE09 Deerfest when you go to the Oh Deer Diner, the last Koskela commercial is shown and you are given a prompt that you can see it in the Mind Place, but if you press the touchpad as instructed to view it in the Mind Place, nothing happens, and your controls are frozen. The issue remains until you reload the last save.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was not able to collect all the clues around Nightingale’s body.
  • The objects required for the Overlap ritual in RE03 Local Girl can now only be picked up after the player finds their respective clues.
  • The 10th Echo Scene after meeting Casey in the alley now unlocks properly.
  • Players now receive the Coffee World Mug Charm in the The Final Chapter (New Game+) instead of a duplicate Hammer Charm.
  • Fixed the camera perspective on opened Cult stashes, so the note on the lid is now legible.
  • Additional fix for the Cynthia profiling not being available if the player exits the diorama too quickly in the Nursing Home.
  • Resolved an issue in RE05 Old Gods where players could pick up the fuse in the basement from a locked container without solving the attached combination lock puzzle.
  • Propane tanks will no longer reappear after reloading the game in Watery. Less explosions, less fun, but a smoother game.
  • Gave Saga a chance to gain more resources in the RE10 Come Home mission in the subway station.
  • Added missing descriptions for some case files in the Case Cabinet in Saga’s Mind Place.
  • Fixed a multitude of issues with Meta Case clues.
  • Added descriptions for cases that are in progress to the Case Cabinet files.
  • Igniting a flare while hiding in Safe Haven will now be seen as a hostile player action and collapse the Safe Haven if enemies are nearby.
  • Fixed an issue with the player camera occasionally “micro jittering” when rotating the camera in Prologue.
  • Removing the fun. It’s the beginning of the year. Explosions will no longer deal damage through doors.
  • Prevent players from accidentally boosting the flashlight and wasting batteries when picking it up.
  • FBI Service pistol and Revolver now deal enough damage to make cultists’ masks fly off with one, carefully aimed shot. F*ck yeah!
  • Curtain Call. Not the best album. Fixed curtains being incorrectly closed in the Theater Hall in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow with double-barrel upgrade was not being holstered properly.
  • Saga’s phone conversations can’t be interrupted by switching the Flashlight on and off anymore.
  • The item pickup indicator has been re-tuned, so the indicator should be more easily visible now.
  • The player can no longer run off the ledge behind the Monitoring Station in Cauldron Lake.
  • Fixed an issue where Fadeouts in the Poet’s Cinema Theater would sit in the air or inside of the theater seats. That was too spooky.
  • Fixed a, well, uh, issue with a rogue boot moving along the Cynthia boss fight arena.
  • Fixed an issue in IN05 Room 665 where items from a Tim Breaker’s stash could be picked up through the wall in Room 101.
  • Fixed an issue where the wolves would get killed instantly by approaching the cliff at the Radio Tower in Watery.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in Norman’s room in the Bright Falls Nursing Home.
  • Fixed an issue where the doors at the Bright Falls Wellness Center kept opening at the wrong time. It’s not spooky season yet.



  • [PC] Added preview images for most tweakable settings in the graphics menu.
  • Add per-chapter counts for found Manuscripts in the Mind Place.
  • Fixed UI layout issues with localized content in the Case Board, computers, and inspectable items.
  • Fixed month names so they display correctly on save game UI.
  • Fixed the Options menu scroll position not to resetting when quitting the Options menu with the start button on controller.


Audio and haptics

  • Re-tuned haptics on the “key events” such as weapon firing and reloading, using the Light Shift mechanic, burning off Source Points and using the flashlight.
  • Added audio to the ancient computers in the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
  • Added audio for impacts when the Espresso Express hits the player. Don’t try it please. Coffee World is in enough trouble as it is.
  • Cassette eject sound added to Mr. Drippy.
  • Added TV static audio to the Nursing Home TV Safe Haven location.
  • Fixed an issue where the TV tape selection in the Writer’s Room was not triggering any sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue in RE08 Summoning where a Tank enemy weapon played the wrong weapon audio.
  • Multiple fixes for the Nursery Rhymes audio.
  • Improved the audio quality for crouching footsteps.
  • Improved the audio performance during the RE08 Summoning mission across all platforms.



  • General visual polish.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy became partially invisible when seriously wounded.
  • Fixed the vegetation not always reacting to explosions in a cool way.
  • The wind has picked up in Coffee World.
  • Made the basement of the Valhalla Nursing Home more atmospheric, with a lot of added dust.
  • Turned off Safe Haven indicator during the Scratch fight in the parking lot.
  • Improved waterproofing of the Elderwood Lodge. It should not rain indoors anymore.
  • Fixed the Hunting Knife being scaled up when Alan picked it up.
  • Fixed missing lighting on some narrative items.
  • Improved the quality of shadows in various off the beaten path locations in the forest.
  • Fixed lighting pop-in in some locations.
  • Fixed some abrupt color grading changes in Watery.
  • Reduced shimmering around windows inside Suomi Hall in Watery.
  • Reduced shimmering inside the Elderwood Lodge in Bright Falls.
  • Lighting improvements in off the beaten path areas in Watery.
  • Fixed Alan’s wild shirt glitching in some cinematic sequences where Alan is sitting down.
  • Improved animations for Saga’s scare reactions while running.
  • Fixed some animations restarting when toggling the flashlight.
  • Fixed the player character so they use arms as expected while running just after picking up items.



  • The SDR brightness setting now affects UI and 2D videos correctly.
  • Fixed maximum display luminance being outdated in Brightness calibration menu.
  • [PC] You can now tweak the FOV (Field of view) in the UI.
  • [PC] Improved DLSS Frame Generation stability for Alt-Tab.
  • [PC] Resolution is clamped correctly to the maximum supported resolution.
  • [PC] Made the warning message about there not being enough physical memory and allow the game still to start a lot more serious.
  • [PC] Mouse button icons now correctly reflect the Windows primary button setting in the UI [PC].
  • [Xbox Series] Fixed a threading issue that could lead to rare crashes.
  • Subtitle fixes.


Performance (aka the Northlight flex section)

  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed the random stuttering during perfect dodge slow-motion moves.
  • [PC] Changing the graphics settings is now… snappier.
  • [PC] Optimized shadow map rendering saving up to 0.3ms in the Dark Place.
  • [Xbox Series] Optimized point and spotlight culling, shaving off 0.3ms in locations where lights are aplenty.
  • [PlayStation 5] Optimized UI rendering when there are a lot of UI elements on screen, such as when the Inventory is visible, resulting in smoother performance.
  • Optimized character controller code for improved CPU performance, saving up to 1ms – 2ms in locations with dense geometry.
  • Lighting optimizations inside the Overlap in RE02 The Heart saving 1ms – 1.2ms for smoother performance.
  • Lighting optimizations around the Valhalla Nursing Home during RE05 Old Gods saving 0.3ms – 0.4ms.
  • The good kind of lighting and fog optimizations around Watery that didn’t result in downgrading the visuals.
  • Slightly optimized texture memory usage. Slightly.


21st December 2023

PC ( 

  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes prevent players to be able to launch the game in offline mode on PC.


19th December 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.14)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.14) 


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up inventory capacity upgrades as Saga at Cauldron Lake shore and at the Bright Fall’s fishing pier.


New Game Plus

  • Removed duplicate Charms from the player’s inventory.
  • Prevent players from getting duplicate Charms.
  • New Game Plus now tracks players unlocks from all the previous games, not just from the first playthrough.
    • If you already have unlocked New Game Plus, you need to load any checkpoint from a non-New Game Plus session before starting a New Game Plus.
    • Note: You also need to start a completely fresh New Game Plus save file for the unlocks to take effect, after loading in an old checkpoint from a non-New Game Plus session.
  • Stubborn “Bright Falls” manuscript page in the bunker forest shack has been taught some manners and is now ready to be picked up by the players.


11th December 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.13)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.13) 

We are very happy to say that this update contains the much-leaked New Game Plus content as well as a multitude of fixes and a few performance improvements.

After having cranked out quite a few updates since launch, our next update will be out in 2024 when we have a few much-requested features coming to the game.

Thank you for your patience and the continued support of our game!

New Game Plus mode 

  • New ending 
  • New Nightmare difficulty level 
  • New Manuscript pages and video content 
  • Retain all unlocked videos, Charms and upgrades 

NOTE: To access the New Game Plus mode, a completed playthrough of Alan Wake 2 is required. In New Game Plus, you will find the unlocked weapons in the first available shoebox for the character. 



  • Improved overall quality of the occlusion culling algorithm, improving GPU performance especially on locations with a lot of geometry.  
  • The performance upgrade is most visible in the PlayStation 5 Quality mode, where (incredibly) there are up to 1.8ms improvements. Cauldron Lake should be coughing less. 
  • Optimized HUD UI content setup so rendering the HUD takes less time. This brings between ~0.5-0.7ms improvements to performance. 
  • A few selected tweaks and optimizations for path tracing and rendering. 
  • Improved streaming by removing occasional 10 – 100ms stalls that mostly affected Xbox Series platforms. 
  • Reduced memory usage by 16 MB on all platforms. 
  • [PC] Slightly improved performance on by removing some error diagnostics instrumentation. 



  • Changed when some Tutorials appear in the Tutorials menu. 
  • Added a timeout to the Tutorial about Fadeouts. 
  • Players can now slow down to walking speed while a Tutorial is open. 
  • Tutorial messages are not slowing down player movement speed anymore. 
  • If tutorials are disabled, the player won’t be locked in the diorama when the first investigation clue gathering tutorial would take place… 



  • Fixed several infuriating Lua script errors that made the game more stable and less unpredictable. 
  • Fixed a hang on Xbox that could occur when attempting to suspend the application during launch. 
  • Fixed audio middleware crash on Xbox Series platforms. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen during streaming. 



  • Somewhat reduced specular aliasing (“shimmering”) on shiny surfaces with a new algorithm. 
  • Improved Trailer Park cinematic lighting. 
  • Improved shadow quality inside the Valhalla Nursing Home to respect the elderly even more. 
  • Flashlight shadows are now prioritized to avoid a blocky look in locations featuring heavy dynamic lights usage. 
  • Fixed (or ruined, depending on your view) the “chameleon chair” visible in front of the sauna. It’s not changing color anymore 🙁 
  • Fixed LODs on the hotdog stand. 
  • Fixed a variety of broken or ugly LODs. 
  • Fixed incorrect rendering culling mode on leaf and coffee pot materials to prevent path tracing issues. 
  • Fixed broken materials on the garage building in downtown Bright Falls raising property value. 
  • [PC] Improved quality for low ray-tracing preset, fixing flickering fireflies on character’s faces during cinematics. 


Audio & localization 

  • Improved overall audio quality on PlayStation 5. 
  • Fixed lip sync being off during the cinematic where Saga and Casey arrive at Cauldron Lake. 
  • Localization fixes for agent Estevez audio lines. 
  • Additional fixes for localized subtitles. 

We are still working on the audio sync being off for some players on Xbox Series and expect to address this in our next update. 



  • Fixed an issue with Koskela Brothers Coffee World ad that prevented some players from unlocking the related trophy.
  • Father Doll should now be easier to find on the map so that players can complete the last Nursery Rhyme.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be blocked by medical balls by resetting the Wellness Centre props when the mission Return 09 starts. 
  • Fixed an issue where skipping a cinematic during Deerfest would bring forth premature darkness by fading the screen to black. 
  • Added heavy duty blockers to stop the player potentially falling out of the world in Return 05 near the Nursing Home. 
  • Removed the force camera look-at of the Dark Substance at the Witch’s Ladle if the player walks away. 
  • Disabled the Reality Switch VFX bleeding in the lodge in Return 04. 
  • Fixed a mysterious blocky shadow in the Sheriff’s station staircase. 
  • Added a loading screen if skipping a cinematic in Initiation 02 so that lighting can take its time to load correctly. 
  • Fixed pesky FBC light arrays in Return 06 and 09 to restore their state after loading a save game, and to show the correct visuals when powered on/off. 
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to pick up some items from red toolboxes after loading into a saved game. 
  • Fixed a rude manuscript page that was visible but not interactive in Valhalla Home forest shack.
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible collision was active near the Bright Falls Sheriff’s Station, making a section of a nearby street narrower than intended. 
  • Fixed an issue where manuscript pages would stay blank after switching levels when a single page was available in the Mind Place. 
  • Fixed English being sometimes unselectable in the language drop-down menu after changing language. 
  • Found manuscript pages should not show up on the map anymore.
  • Added UI prompt for items that can be placed from hand to the Case Board. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga was misplaced on the ladder after being attacked by the Taken in the Overlap. 
  • Made ladder interaction icons better positioned. 
  • Disabled crossbow magnet for dead enemies.
  • Fixed missing subtitles in cinematics.
  • The player’s inventory now closes when an enemy grapples the player.  
  • Allow enemies to recover from grapple quick escape when stun ends. 
  • Changed the orientation of the hint on top of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station Cult Stash so that it its more readable.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t wield a weapon after being interrupted by being hit in the boss fight at the end of Return 03. 
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases Estevez would not talk to Saga after coming back from the morgue (optional dialogue).
  • Added a new goal in Initiation 08 after entering the crime scene so that players are not left without objective in the Dark Place.
  • Fixed an issue where Alan could reload his weapon while simultaneously doing a Light Shift. Seems like a thing he should be able to do, but anyway. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga could reload invisible weapons even though she was socially bound to not wield weapons in certain areas (kertaus on opintojen äiti). 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga was able to reload the flashlight and other weapons simultaneously causing the unholstered weapon to disappear and reappear after flashlight reload was completed. 
  • [PC] Added drag and drop support for moving items in the Inventory and Shoebox. 
  • [PC] Added a mouse smoothing option (defaulted to on) to prioritize mouse and camera. Movement smoothness over accuracy. 
  • [PC] Fixed an issue with the mouse that resulted in jittery camera movements if not playing in 30fps. 


Previous updates

17th November 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.12)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.12) 


  • Made the player able to push certain movable objects that might block the progress when revisiting combat areas (just walk into them…). 
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save game during an enemy grapple would leave the player without movement controls. 
  • Fixed an issue related to the Nursery Rhyme doll “Father” disappearing if placed in the wrong location and the player saved their game. 
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player could not watch the Drowned video and thus was prevented from getting an Achievement / Trophy.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-aim was not…auto-aiming correctly when Flashlight boosting a submerged Taken Diver enemy. 
  • Fixed an issue where Saga couldn’t shoot or damage an enemy hiding in the bushes after throwing a flare at the enemy. 
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting a charged shot by quickly selecting another weapon and then re-selecting the crossbow would launch the bolt without player input. 
  • Fixed an issue where an Echo wouldn’t reset after the player leaves the area. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Veil effect would be missing from Cynthia’s boss fight after reloading a checkpoint. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Wake insight at the Caldera Street station didn’t trigger. 
  • Fixed an issue where entering the Writer’s Room during an elevator ride played a real number on preserving the correct game state. 
  • Fixed premature notifications of Koskela brother’s commercials being available in the Mind Place (Good things come to those who wait.) 
  • Fixed Alan climbing next to the ladder when interacting with the ladder while opening a door. 
  • Fixed conversation interactions outside the Nursing Home not being consistently visible. 
  • After the Summoning boss fight, only Saga can pick up crossbow bolts (sorry, Alan) 
  • Improved the zoom function in Dioramas (such as Cultist stashes and Nursery Rhymes) and the Map.
  • Optimized memory use to keep more cold, dead enemy bodies lying on the ground for added realism and spookiness. 
  • It is now possible to skip the Alice documentary. 
  • Corrected spelling errors.
  • (PC) Made the GPU crash dialog more user-friendly with understandable error messages for non-Remedy engineers and QA. 
  • (PC) Fixed switching from full screen to window occasionally resulting in wrong rendering resolution.


  • (PC) Fixed performance and visual issues with Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation enabled when changing from real-time video to 3D rendering. 
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Optimized performance when aggressively walking stairs up and down in the Nursing Home.
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Optimized streaming performance globally but predominantly around the hallways outside of room 666 in the Oceanview Hotel.

Animations and visuals 

  • Numerous lighting and visual fixes and related improvements.
  • Fixed Alan’s flashlight holstering animations when the writer is in a wounded state. 
  • Fixed Alan’s flashlight holstering animation triggering even without having a flashlight. 
  • Fixed weapon-switching animations to work correctly when Alan is healing.  
  • Fixed an issue where forward running dodge animation was playing for too long. 
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting the manuscript pick-up animation by combat can lead Saga to stay in a broken animation state. 


  • Added missing localized VO audio for French and Japanese languages. 
  • Fixed an issue where in-world videos (including Koskela ads, Wake insight’s, Alice videos, Darling videos, and Yoton Yo video) audio was sometimes out of sync. 
  • General audio fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where players could not select the inventory items on the far-right side of their inventory. 
  • Prevent the Shoebox from eating away players’ items when they were stacked erroneously. 
  • Hacked OCD UI indicators in the Mind Place not clearing their “new” status. 
  • Added “Restore to Default” option to the Control Key Customization Tab.
  • Improved the brightness calibration UI.
  • General UI fixes and improvements.

Case Board 

  • Fixed an issue where Saga could only access the Case Board after Profiling but not via other Mind Place interactions.
  • Improved automatically placing clues for already solved questions to the Case Board. 
  • Fixed a wayward Bright Falls station photo being in the distinctly wrong location on the Case Board.

Mission Specific 


  • Hid interactions while dialogue plays around the Nightingale murder site. 
  • Fixed a case where Saga is unable to pick up the pistol in the morgue corridor after waiting for a far longer time than we expected. 
  • Fixed Nightingale’s profiling with “The heart! Where is it?” not skipping the entire sequence.
  • Reduced chances of Nightingale ruining your day. Made the resourcing more generous for the Nightingale boss fight.


  • Fixed an issue where clearing the Mulligan and Thornton encounter didn’t trigger the end cinematic, thus blocking progress.


  • Fixed an issue where Saga could not communicate the plan to agent Estevez. If you are not in the Bright Falls area, you must come back to trigger progress with the plan. 
  • Fixed a case where players could miss a phone call from Tor, preventing getting a missing piece of evidence and thus blocking progress in the mission. 
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation with Estevez would drone on after leaving the Sheriff’s Station.


  • Made Alex Casey’s loot drops spicier by having him biased toward two-handed weapon ammo for Saga (“partners to the end”). 
  • Fixed a rare issue where a light array would disappear during the Scratch fight upon the player releasing the interaction button.
  • Added more ammo for the mission’s Alan Wake section, making the trek to the parking lot somewhat more bearable.


  • Fixed an issue with the Plot Board.

13th November 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.11)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.11) 


  • Small localization fixes.

9th November 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.10)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.10) 

Update 10 includes 100+ fixes. The critical issues blocking progress in the Scratch (A New Plan) mission and misbehaving in the Espresso Express in Local Girl (Coffee World) have been resolved.


  • General bugfixes and additional polish
  • Fixed multiple localization issues
  • Fixed banding present in certain cinematics
  • Rebalanced the Taken Diver enemy to be more dangerous
  • Added a few missing German and Spanish VO lines
  • Increased ammo and health item drop rates from containers in the Cynthia boss fight
  • Rebalanced Nightingale boss fight in Normal mode making player weapons more powerful
  • HDR toggle in brightness calibration UI should now work as expected
  • Tutorial texts should only appear in the right places
  • Fixed the weather. It should not be raining indoors anymore
  • Low health state visual effect intensity toned down
  • Fixed an issue with the camera going wild in Saga’s weapon upgrade screen
  • Fixed instances of Alex Casey t-posing menacingly
  • All Pat Maine radio shows are now listenable
  • Player progress should no longer be blocked by unruly furniture and props being in the wrong place


Xbox Series

  • Fixed an issue with audio missing or cutting out

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed an issue where using Share Play would, in rare instances, crash the game
  • Fixed several wrong audio states towards the end of the game



  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to Casey after the autopsy and thus being blocked from progressing in the mission
  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, Nightingale could get stuck in the scenery


  • Opening the subway door during the escape from the Dark Presence has been made significantly easier by requiring far less button mashing, especially on keyboards


  • Made Coffee World more fun. Fixed an issue where cups from Slow Roaster were not showing and where carriages from Espresso Express blocked player progress
  • The clue about the Kalevala workshop now unlocks at the correct time
  • A Manuscript page did not want to be found and has been taught a lesson


  • The cursor should appear correctly on the Plot board during the mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the key fob from Rose did not spawn correctly for players
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to trigger the call from Tor and place evidence on the Case Board + several related issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could not enter the Overlap upon dying as the record player refused to play the hits and allow re-entry to the Overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to Profile Cynthia disappeared after reloading a save game

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Break Room
  • The Echo will now respawn in the instance that the player doesn’t watch the video to the very end


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to FBC agent Estevez and come up with a New Plan to progress the mission
  • Saga should not end up in Dark Place after the point of no return
  • Fixed an issue where players could get their progress blocked if changing to another case


  • Tim Breaker’s map now properly reveals the Word of Power location behind the cinema


Previous updates

6th November 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.00.09)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.9) 

(Xbox Series)

  • A workaround fix for the issue where the audio cut out intermittently in the Prologue. We are expecting a full fix for this issue in an upcoming update.

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue (again) with the Echo scene not aligning and unlocking correctly (this was fixed in the previous update, but Echo hell still persisted)  


  • Fixed an issue with a mouse (with a big presence) blocking progress.

1st November 2023

PlayStation 5 (1.000.008)
Xbox Series (
PC (1.0.8) 

The 08 update contains over 200+ individual improvements and fixes to the game.  


  • Various localization fixes, such as improved subtitle timings for all languages
  • Improved localized audio for live-action cinematics
  • Various audio-related improvements and additional polish
  • Improved lip sync in some instances
  • Fixed various graphical issues in the environments
  • Fixed various minor issues in cinematics
  • Minor improvements to image aliasing in Performance mode and Xbox Series S
  • Improved lighting
  • Fixed lighting bugs in multiple locations
  • Various UI-related fixes and additional polish
  • Various gameplay fixes and improvements
  • Minor gameplay finetuning
  • Improved auto-aim for specific circumstances
  • Fixed rare player character animation issues
  • Fixed various issues in the Case Board
  • Fixed various map issues
  • Several conversations failing to trigger and thus blocking progress later have been fixed
  • Fixed Rose’s dialogue choices, sometimes not being selectable, blocking progress
  • Fixed a rare issue with Saga’s lines not playing when going to the Sheriff’s Station, blocking progress
  • Resolved a potential problem in the player getting stuck in a Case Board Tutorial
  • Fixed exploration rewards for Lighthouse 



  • Fixed a bug where Saga could get stuck in the environment (“Crazy forest”)


  • Fixed potential issue with players able to get stuck when falling from ladders
  • Fixed potential issues with Dark Presence (it remains a threat)
  • Fixed a rare crash


  • Fixed a bug where Alan could fall through the environment


  • Fixed a bug where Saga could fall through the world
  • Fixed a bug in where a gate could get locked after reloading a save game, causing the player to get blocked from progressing
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare circumstances, the player could end up outside of the game world when opening the map
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the Lighthouse key could not be picked up


  • Fixed a bug where Alan could get stuck in the environment

ROOM 665

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo not to align correctly (this one was really annoying; we apologize)


  • Fixed an issue where if the player performed specific tasks in an unpredictable order, the mission progress could get blocked


  • Fixed an issue (much to Rose’s chagrin) with physics-related props that could block the player in and halt progress


  • Fixed an issue where the player, in rare instances, could not exit the radio, TV, or manuscript interact modules. 


  • Fixed a bug that could cause graphics settings to reset when launching the game
  • Improvements to PC Window handling logic
  • Fixed mouse cursor sometimes not appearing in menus 

31st October 2023

With this latest Xbox update there is now parity across PC, PS5 and Xbox versions.

Xbox Series (

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes

30th October 2023

PC (1.0.6)

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes
  • Significantly friendlier error message when third-party software stops the game from starting.  

PlayStation 5 (1.00.05)

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes

Xbox Series (

  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed multiple visual issues
  • Fixed multiple UI-related issues
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in interacts and not exit