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Unleash Your Creativity with Alan Wake 2’s New Photo Mode

Dive into Alan Wake 2's eerie world with the new Photo Mode. Capture stunning images using a variety of customizable settings and lighting options, and share your unique shots with the community!

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June 8, 2024

Exciting news for Alan Wake 2 fans and the virtual photography community! The highly anticipated Photo Mode has just been released as a free update for all players. Now you can capture the game’s haunting beauty with the precision of a professional photographer. Inspired by Alice Wake, Alan’s photographer wife, the mode features settings like f-stop, exposure, focal length, and focal point based on real photographic values.

Building on their experience with Control’s photo mode, the development team has taken Alan Wake 2’s Photo Mode to new heights. One of the most exciting additions is the ability to manipulate lighting.

“We wanted to go much further than Control when it comes to features and letting players be a lot more creative,” says Riho Kroll, Lead UI/UX Designer.

“For example, we’re now offering players the option to play around with lights, which comes with several types, such as a camera flash, flashlight, and a spotlight. With this, it’s possible to create dramatically different looking shots to the base game, so we’re quite excited to see what players will come up with,” he continues.

These options allow you to craft shots with dramatically different moods and aesthetics, adding a new layer of creativity to your virtual photography.

Photo Mode also includes several presets that replicate the look of evidence photos from Saga’s Case Board, along with various filters and frames, including postcard frames from different game locations. These tools help you dive deeper into the game’s narrative and aesthetics.

“Depending on where you’re taking the photo in the game, a different postcard frame, like Watery, Night Springs or Dark Place, can be selected to overlay your photo,” adds Kroll.

Whether you are wandering through the misty, forested landscapes of the Pacific Northwest or navigating the eerie, rain-soaked streets of New York City in the Dark Place, the Photo Mode provides the perfect toolset to document your journey. With a free camera, full-frame camera lens ranges, and customizable picture settings, you can hide characters, apply effects like saturation and lens distortion, and frame your shots to perfection.

Once you have captured your perfect shots, share them on social media with the hashtag #AW2Photography. The team behind Alan Wake 2 is eager to see the creative compositions that players will produce with these new tools. There will be an official photo mode competition soon, so keep an eye on Alan Wake’s social medias for more!

The Photo Mode update will be available on June 8, 2024. Start shooting away and displaying your creativity in the world of Alan Wake 2. Happy snapping!