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Night Springs: Unraveling Mysteries in Alan Wake 2’s First Expansion

The dark and haunting world of Alan Wake 2 broadens further with the release of its first major expansion Night Springs. Dive deep into the surreal territory of the fictional TV show 'Night Springs' and embark on quests that are as bizarre as they are thrilling.

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June 8, 2024
Night Springs Key Art

Into the Dark Place

Night Springs sets players on a path through the enigmatic Dark Place, a realm where reality bends and twists under the influence of Alan Wake’s frantic imagination. As Wake writes scripts for the “Night Springs” TV show—a task he hopes will lead him to an escape route—he unwittingly distorts reality even further. The expansion unfolds across three stylized episodes, transforming familiar characters and settings into something entirely new and unexpected.

Each episode offers a distinct experience, focusing on different aspects of gameplay and narrative, ensuring that every story feels unique, yet integral to the expanding Alan Wake universe.

In Time Breaker, become The Actor resembling Bright Falls’ sheriff, Tim Breaker, who becomes a multiversal hero, as he tries to track down the murderous Master of Many Worlds.

In North Star, follow the journey of The Sibling, a woman strikingly similar to FBC Director Jesse Faden. In her quest, players explore a bizarrely transformed version of the Coffee World, while trying to locate her missing brother.

Number One Fan features The Waitress, almost like Oh Deer Diner’s Rose Marigold, who is determined to save her idol, The Writer, in a world where literary criticism becomes a literal battle.

As players delve into these transformed versions of familiar characters, they are invited to question what is real and what is a fabrication of Alan Wake’s tormented imagination.

Each of the three episodes in “Night Springs” brings four new trophies or achievements, adding a total of 12 new challenges for trophy hunters and completionists.

Dive back into the darkness and discover the twisted tales Alan Wake has penned in his most desperate hour. Will you escape the Dark Place or be lost forever among the eerie echoes in… Night Springs?

This expansion is available now as part of the Expansion Pass, included in both the digital Deluxe Edition and the upcoming physical Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of Alan Wake 2. Those with the standard edition have the option to upgrade to the Deluxe edition to access these expansions.